Want to find hosts for your ToyVoyager?


Posted Apr 13, 2007, 1:08 am
Use this forum to list your ToyVoyager and ask people to sign up to host it.  Please don't put any other kind of posts in here.  It makes it easier for people to find ToyVoyagers to sign up to.

As people sign up to host your ToyVoyager, it's a good idea to write their names in a list in your first post.  This makes it easier for others to see how many are already on the list, and where it is going. 

You don't have to accept every offer made to host your ToyVoyager - if you want to be selective about places it visits, or feel unsure that a member will loook after your ToyVoyager as you would wish, then please feel free to (politely) refuse the offer. 

You can get an idea of what a Host is like by checking out their list of ToyVoyagers hosted - of course this won't apply to complete newbies, sometimes you just have to trust people! - and by looking at the quality of their posts in the Travelogs and the Forum. 

To sign up to host one, reply to the topic with basic details of where you are (e.g. Would the ToyVoyager like to come to ABC, I could take him to XYZ).  Do not include your address in your reply.  Please note, that if you are signing up to Host a toyVoyager, you are committing to look after it, take photos and update its Travelog, and make sure it gets to its next host safely and promptly. 

When you host a ToyVoyager that has a travelog on this site, its name is automatically included on your profile as a ToyVoyager that you have hosted.  It also counts towards your 'Number of ToyVoyagers hosted' - there is a chart for this in the Top Tens.  While most people create a Travelog for their ToyVoyager on this website, some people have blogs on different websites instead.  When you host a ToyVoyager who does not have a travelog on this website, it will not be counted towards your 'Number of ToyVoyagers hosted' total.

Please also be aware that members who are under 13 are respectfully requested not to offer themselves up as a Host (as Hosts have to give out their address details) - this is part of our age policy and it is in place for the safety of younger members. 

The person offering the ToyVoyager will then contact you and add you to the list at the top.  They may ask you to PM your forwarding address at that point, or wait until the ToyVoyager is ready to come to you.  Some people like to have everybody's address before they send out the ToyVoyager, others are happy to ask hosts to PM the next person on the list when the time comes to send it on.

Please note that this is entirely at your own risk. Whilst the vast majority of people make great hosts, we cannot guarantee the safety of your ToyVoyager and cannot guarantee that it will always be passed on.

Please only offer to host if you are over 16.  We ask this in order to protect the safety of you, our younger members.
Please make sure that you support us in our attempts to keep our younger members safe online:  don't send your TVs to under-16s - we don't want younger members giving out their address on the internet.

We reserve the right to ban underage members if we find they have been exchanging addresses/ offering to Host on ToyVoyagers.

Posted Jun 4, 2008, 11:03 am
Hey Would anyone love to host for my Stutz n Berkeley? :D I am from Hong Kong and I will be very happy if someone can host them!!! They are bored at home...never been to any countries out of HK!

Posted Jun 10, 2008, 11:01 am
Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have done everything you can to ensure that your TV is safe on its travels. 

Things you can do to help keep your TV safe:

1. Tag it!  Include the website address, and the ID number.  If you want to be doubly sure, add a return address for if it gets lost in the post.

2. Ensure that the Hosts you choose are ACTIVE on the site at the time you are sending on the TV.  You need to keep an eye on people on your TV's travel list to make sure they still check into the site regularly and that THEY ARE GOOD HOSTS (regular updates, good communication, updates you would like to see for your own TV) before you agree to your TV being sent onto them.

3. Keep in contact with prospective Hosts via PM or email.  Please do make sure that you get a current email address for each Host of your TV.  You could also ask for their postal address.  All Hosts should expect to have to keep in touch with other Members if they want to be taken seriously as TV Hosts.  Please don't send your TV to someone who doesn't answer PMs or emails - and if you are in any doubt about someone, don't send.

Posted Jun 17, 2008, 7:48 am
We have placed all requests for Hosts into categories according to what *sort* of TV you have.

Please now post your requsts in the correct categories (so if your TV is a Dog, find the Dog section in the sub-Forum and place it there). This will make it quicker and easier for Hosts to find the sort of TVs they like!

Don't forget to include the species of TV in the subject line (for if you forget to put in a category and we have to do it later) and add details of weight, missions, what it has with it etc etc. The usual stuff.

A link to the Travelog means that people can see the TV immediately - this will often help you to get more Host offers.

Kind REgards