Best Building Picture


Posted Mar 12, 2009, 1:51 pm
ToyVoyagers have explored many corners of the earth and been photographed in front of lots of fascinating and iconic buildings. Which photographs are worthy of the ToyVoyagers homepage banner?

Weasley at a Hindu Temple in Agra, India

Jorgen, Great Wall of China

Chocolate Moose, Novosibirisk, Russia

Eirennach, Congraso de la Nacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pingu, Pisa, Italy

Misko, Sydney Opera House, Australia

Muki, Montreal, Canada

Louis the Rat, Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna Austria

Miss E, Kloetinge, The Netherlands

Berkeley, Petronas Towers, KL, Malaysia

Dolly, Vancouver, Canada

Mousy Mouse, Moscow, Russia