Best Action


Posted Mar 12, 2009, 6:51 pm
Best Action

Some Toy Voyagers are presumably a bit nervous in front of the camera as they just stand there frozen. Others keep right on moving, and this prize is for the best action shot.

Lumpy rope-climbing:

BruniLila in the snow:

Harold Giraffe blows up a balloon:

Eddy Bear collecting stones:

Miss E takes a dive:

Mr Right does strawberries:

Muhksin mixes with the natives:

Lady shares a moment:

Greedy doing what he does best:

Purple Bun speeds by:

Burrimul Memu incubates an egg:

Dijon plays Cowboys and Indians:

Alfie Langer paints Easter Eggs:

Cool Jules and friends hang over the Grand Canyon:

Please vote for your favourite!