Now you can password-protect your travelogs, Read on..


Posted Jul 15, 2007, 12:31 pm
Hi all,

Thanks for all your feedback so far on improving the website.  One of the things you have asked for is the ability to add a password to your travelog so that only people who know the password can post an update.

This is now possible - if you want to add a password to your travelog, navigate to the ToyVoyager Profile (you can get there by viewing the travelog and then clicking [Edit Profile])

You will see a new field for the Travelog password at the bottom.  If you enter a password here then the password will need to be entered against every Travelog update from then on.  If you leave it blank then people will be able to post replies on the travelog without needing a password.

It has been left optional because if you do a random release you may want to leave your travelog open so that anybody who finds the released ToyVoyager can easily post an update.

The password only applies to new posts against the travelog.  It  is not required when go back to your post post and edit it.  The assumption is that if you have posted a reply against a travelog then you should be able to edit that post later (for example to add photos) without needing the password.  We will review this in due course.

We hope this helps,

Kind regards,

Isobel and Neil