Austria rr group 1 closed


Posted Dec 3, 2011, 10:05 pm
Here comes the first group. Some states have two members, but they live at different places, so I think, that's just fine. We have no members from Carinthia and Vorarlberg.

Lower Austria Kuschi
Upper Austria/near Linz


Carinthia Flashed

Styria Wonderwuzi and Grazer-CityGirl

Tyrol Marina_191

Salzburg Wonderwuzi (living in Styria) and Marina_191 (living in Tyrol)

Vienna Muhlikuhli

Please tell me, which tv you will send and I will add it to the list.

Kuschi's tv Eddy travel itinery: Grazer-CityGirl, Wonderwuzi, Marina 191, Flashed, Muhlikuhli back to Kuschi

Grazer-CityGirl's tv Ena  travel itinery: Wonderwuzi, Marina 191, Flashed, Muhlikuhli, Kuschi, back to Grazer-CityGirl

Wonderwuzi's tv Basil travel itinery: Marina 191, Flashed, Muhlikuhli, Kuschi, Grazer-CityGirl back to Wonderwuzi

Marina 191's tv patchy travel itinery: Flashed, Muhlikuhli, Kuschi, Grazer-CityGirl, Wonderwuzi back to Marina 191

Muhlikuhli's tv Waffels travel itinery: Kuschi, safe with new host


Posted Jan 23, 2012, 6:31 pm
Emails sent to all members and asked for sending the toyvoyagers home to their owners. I will wait one week.

I deleted all old posts here, just to make it easier to keep track on everything.