Moderator rights, to clean up the forums


Posted Feb 4, 2012, 10:27 am
Hi there!

I don't know exactly what are the rights of the moderators here, but that the forum should remain clear just active moderators as fam-united get rights.
Here are many posts, especially from hosts, that are out of date or where the hosts aren't active for a long long time.

I would be happy about a feedback (maybe from the moderators too)!

Greetings  ;)

Posted Feb 4, 2012, 7:18 pm
I usually delete old posts regularly. If you see posts, of which you think, they should be deleted, please just let me know and we can talk about it.
The hosts and toyvoyagers thread: I delete posts there too, but I sometimes keep old posts there, when there are still tvs at the place of this hosts. It is easier for me to keep track. For members, who want to send tvs to hosts and search in this area, they still can take a look at the date, when a host was last online, so I think, it is no problem to let the post where it is. I usually delete all posts there older than 4 months. I did it last month - maybe I've overseen something there, though. I only do it for those older than 3/4 months, because always something can happen, that keeps you away from this website, although you are still interested in hosting.

Some posts just remain in the forum as a reminder of something like Marcello, who lost his short tv life, because an ostrich loved him too much (just an example).

Right now I'm the only active moderator. I hope, that's no problem, but I have many helpers as there are for example:

and many more members (please excuse me, but there are so many members, that I can't write everyone down here, I just mentioned those, who are in regular contact with me) - everyone, who keeps her/his eyes open and tells me, if there is something wrong.

It's only a matter of time, that we will have more active moderators again and we will let you know, when time comes.

Oh and I should tell, that sometimes it happens, that you see a big big number of views in the forum - that's what happens, after I deleted many many posts there:)

I really hope, I did find the right words for this. Please get in contact with me, when there are more questions.

Posted Feb 5, 2012, 1:37 am
I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong place.

It's just irritating when, for example in the ToyVoyager Cafe, there are 13 pages of threads and the last entry is from 2007... Maybe there are some interesting ideas in this threads but then one might consider whether you should archive special threads.

And sorry again, if something like this is already mentioned.
(I will not fight against the deletion of this thread) ;)

Thank you for the answer!

EDIT: Excuse me should I send you stuff like this via pm?! Now I should probaly go to bed ^^

Posted Feb 5, 2012, 6:23 am
I've been enjoying the Forum Search tool and before I put a question in Dazed and Confused, at times I search the forum, allowing it to include searching older posts.  I don't remember, but I might have searched for flickr, photobucket, resize, meetup, wild release, togs, etc.  Really those old posts are often interesting and sometimes very helpful.  Anyway, I personally would not delete threads within topics that are informational or "sharing/sociable" but am glad for the eventual deletion (after a couple of years even is fine with me) of invitations coming from long inactive hosts.  I'm not a big fan of censorship or what might feel like censorship, so I'd rather err in the direction of deleting too little than too much and I hope and have faith your thread won't be deleted.  You're just putting in your two cents to make this a better site.  :)

So ... I do like the search option and that there's something to search amongst still.  But, I know I've written this before and it's off-topic, the most stress-reducing thing I found on this site was the option to view newest updates first in my TVs' travelogues.  I give that two thumbs up!  ;)  If I had three thumbs, I'd give them to Petra for all her work on the site!  Meandering off topic and must go to bed. ;)

Posted Feb 5, 2012, 8:49 am
I'm already working on this. I already deleted posts in these two threads, but for some posts I have to write things down and open a new thread. I have to wait until I'm on holiday again. It only goes step by step, I'm sorry.

And no, it is no problem to talk about it here. Why should it be? I only hope, my answers make sense.

I'm deleting invitations of host, when they are older than 3 / 4 months and the hosts have been offline since then. So I deleted posts of October last year now, but usually also only of those hosts, who were online only for a short time. We all know, that sometimes things happen, that hold us away from the site and 3/4 months is a short time then. I have to add this in the rule for offering to host, I see, and I will do it today - after my breakfast.

And thank you krawfish for the three thumbs - I'm smiling:)