Golden Bears 2012


Posted Sep 3, 2013, 3:07 pm
Right now I can't do the voting like we did before. So we need another way to nominate and vote for photos. Please send a pm to me to receive my email-address, if you don't have it already. The nominations will end on 30th September.

If you took part in the nominations of last year, please don't be surprised, that it seems to be the same now. Last year I tried it with photos of 2011, but it never worked. At first we had not enough nominations - too few members took part- , and second I had not been able to log into the email account after I reopened the nomination round. Why it didn't work to log in I don't know.

Golden Bear Award 2012, nominations

1. Best landscape
2. Best architecture
3. Best ensemble cast ( group photo of 6 and more toyvoyagers, all named)
4. Wild ones of 2012
5. Classics - (all registered before 2009 and still traveling)
6. Audience favorite
7. Best action shot (slightly blurry photos allowed :) )
8. Best travelog

We need photos of 2012 only - all others will be deleted, whether they are nice or not.


- photos only show the toyvoyager, no persons or parts of persons like fingers, hands or arms or more

- photos are sharp, not blurry

- photos show single toyvoyagers, no group photos for all categories, if not otherwise mentioned

- group photo necessary for the ensemble cast / photo shows more than six toyvoyagers

Everyone can nominate three photos for each category. It is allowed to nominate photos of own toyvoyagers and photos you took, but of course you also can nominate other photos, too.

Only those photos can be nominated, of which I know:
name of travelog (where you found this photo)
the tv's owner
the photographer
the page and photo number
the location
the date
the name of the toyvoyagers on the photo

e.g.: snowy fun, Cassiopeia, fam-united, smaug, page 24, third photo, Prairie Mountain, Canada - 31st December 2011, none

Kind regards,

Posted Sep 29, 2013, 12:17 pm
Please think of nominating photos for Golden Bears 2012!!! I will close the nominations on 2nd October. Please ask for my email-address to send the nominations to me.

Kind regards


Posted Nov 24, 2013, 8:11 pm
Due to my computer problems I have to write my updates for the travelogs first. Then I work on the Golden Bears 2012. During this time you already can keep an eye on nice photos of 2013, because I don't want to have it so late again next year.