Speed stat % Trading Post rep bost


Posted May 2, 2018, 1:34 pm

Since the big pre-patch (10 days ago?), I see the speed stat still on pieces of my gear but it doesn't show in the character stat page any longer when they are equipped.

Speed used to show there and would show how much faster you are running, flying, etc.

If Speed is no longer in the game, gear should be fixed and useful stats added.

As for Trading Post issue, a level 3 post is supposed to give a 20% boost to rep gains. It used to work for old (when in a dreanor dungeon) & new factions, also, for Bodyguard rep, Nat Pagle, etc. No longer. I just turned in items for Steamwheedle Preservation Society and got 300 rep instead of 360 as was the case before

The tooltip for both the architects table and the blueprints vendor still show this 20% boost.

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