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About Golden Bears

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I'm sorry, but I have to add some more categories for this round. Here comes the new list of categories. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

1. Best landscape
2. Best architecture
3. Best Festive photo
4. Best comedy
5. Best food and drink
6. Wild ones
7. Animal magic
8. Plantlife
9. Nightlife
10. Shopping
11. Snowy fun
12. Best action shot (which might be a bit blurry, less sharp - action, you know!)
13. Best travelog update (one single update, please write down page and date of the update, you have to take a look at nice photos plus writing)
14. Classics - (all registered before 2009 and still traveling)
15. Best picture (photos, which don't fit in other categories)

One category is without Golden Bear emblem for each winning toyvoyager, nevertheless I want to keep this category in the round. Each toyvoyagers, who was part in the photo is a winner, nevertheless:
16. Best Ensemble cast

We need photos of 2011 only - all others will be deleted, whether they are nice or not.
Store the photos on your own computer.
The nominations for Golden Bears 2012 will be opened on 1rst April (you can ask for the email address then via pm) and end on 31rst of May. So there will be two months time to send the nominations to my then opened email-address.


- photos only show the toyvoyager, no persons or parts of persons like fingers, hands or arms or more

- photos are sharp, not blurry (if not other mentioned)

- photos show single toyvoyagers, no group photos for all categories, if not otherwise mentioned

- group photo necessary for the ensemble cast / photo shows more than six toyvoyagers

- group photos allowed for: festive photo, food and drink, snowy fun

Only those photos can be nominated, of which I know:
the name of the toyvoyagers
the tv's owner
the photographer
the page and photo number
the location
the date

e.g.: snowy fun, Cassiopeia, fam-united, smaug, page 24, third photo, Prairie Mountain, Canada - 31st December 2011

It is easy for me, if you store jpg photos and name it like the example above shows. When the time for nominations comes, then just send these photos.

All other photos will be deleted, even if they are really good, because I can't search through all the travelogs.

Everyone can nominate two photos for each category. It is allowed to nominate photos of own toyvoyagers and photos you took, but of course you also can nominate other photos, too.

You've seen, that we can only vote for about 15 different photos, so we have to draw lots, when there are more photos, which comply the rules.

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