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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I write in the forum?

What is a ToyVoyager?

I have found one - what should I do?

Can't I just keep it?

When should I update the Travelog?

What are the Life Missions?

Do I have to help it to complete a mission before I pass it on?

Where should I take it?

How should I release the ToyVoyager?

What is the best way to help ToyVoyagers along on their travels?

Will my Toy Voyager be safe on its travels?

Take Photos!

What do you get if you register?

I want to keep a track of certain Toy Voyagers

How do I create my own ToyVoyager?

My profile says I am currently hosting a ToyVoyager but it is no longer with me

How do I get the icons at either side of my username?

What is the maximum file size for a travelog photo?

How can I resize my photos?

I have not heard from the person who has my ToyVoyager - can you contact them for me?

My ToyVoyager has been damaged or lost by another member, can you replace it?

I have a ToyVoyager and I cannot get in touch with its mentor to find out where to send it next. What can I do?


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