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These are some websites that we like:

Post Crossing - send and receive postcards to and from random people all over the world

ToyVoyagers on Facebook - see you there!

Flickr - Join the ToyVoyagers Flickr group!

Twitter - Our twitter feed

ToyVoyagers MiniCity - Help us to build our minicity!

Book Crossing - Turning the whole world into a library

IrfanView - Superb, free to download, imaging software - ideal for reducing the size of photos

PhotoScape - Free to download, helps you resize and edit your photos

Teddies for Tragedies - Make a teddy: make a difference

Free Rice - Improve your vocab and help end world hunger - at the same time!

Livejournal TV Group - A ToyVoyager group started by Livejournal users

PhotoTag - Photos from disposable cameras sent on random journeys


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