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Under Construction

We are in the process of building the next generation of our website. It is proving to be a long undertaking, much longer than we expected, and we do not currently have a release date for the new version. So we have decided to re-instate the original version of the website so that the ToyVoyagers project can continue in the meantime.



Golden Bears 2011 - Winners Announced!

The Golden Bears competition is a celebration of everything that ToyVoyagers achieve on their travels. Each year a crack team trawls the ToyVoyager travelogs to come up with a shortlist of favourites in each category. Members then get to vote to decide the winners.

All your votes have now been counted and the coveted GoldenBears profile icons have been awarded to the winning ToyVoyagers. Want to know who won? Have a look!



TV-TV: reporting from a country near you!

TV-TV was started in Bavaria, Germany by 'Galileo' on the 11th July this year. This intrepid bear aims to see as many countries as possible in *just* seven weeks. Impossible? Not when ToyVoyagers hosts are concerned! So far on his travels, he has visited Japan courtesy of hanachan, made a pit-stop at Hong Kong, thanks to vivyanhui, and Australia, where he was hosted by Becka_Kate. Not content with this, he is currently in transit to the US, where he will visit kcrawfish and LittleCableCars, before journeying onwards to Canada to stay with AbbyB. If time allows, he will make a whistle-stop tour with Isobel&Neil before returning to his native Germany to report on his travels on German television. You can follow his travels on www.toyvoyagers.com. Thanks to fam-united for sorting out such a varied and exciting travel itinerary, and all our lovely hosts for doing their job so well.



Togs Competition - winners!

These are just some of the stunning togs that our members have created this time round in the Togs Design Competition. We had an amazing response with some outstanding entries - congratulations to everyone who entered, and particular congratulations to member vivyanhui, who won the competition with some truly outstanding designs!
To see some of the winning entries, have a look at the end of this forum thread



Togs Design Competition 2011

The last time we ran a Togs Design Competition the results were stunning, so we thought it was about time we did it again! Togs are the little icons that go either side of your user name - this competition is your chance to get creative and design your own. The winning entries will be turned into official Togs and made available on the "Choose Togs" page - so they will be used for real by ToyVoyagers members.

Details of how to enter the competition are here. Good luck!!



GoldenBears Awards 2010

The winners of the 2010 GoldenBears awards have been announced! This year we increased the number of categories which means that there are even more winners than last year. The standard of the competition has been extremely high, and we would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the organising, the shortlisting, the voting and of course updating the travelogs.

The GoldenBears Awards are the ToyVoyager equivalent of the Oscars. We ask members to votes for their favourite ToyVoyagers in a host of different categories. The winning ToyVoyagers receive a prestigious GoldenBear icon on their profile pages. See the results of this year's Awards here!



26 December 2009 - Foster Care Home

The Foster Care Home is open for business, offering a safe haven for toys whose mentors have disappeard from the forum. It the brainchild of one of our members (Delenna), who said:

"The Foster Care Home gives the ToyVoyagers a safe place to stay until the mentor (owner) gets in touch."

So, if you have a toyvoyager whose mentor hasn't been online for more than three months and you have been unable to get hold of them, why not send the toy to FosterCareHome! Full details are available in the Foster Care Home forum. Big thanks to Delenna for setting this up!



1st-4th May 2009 - Worldwide ToyVoyager Release

Our members released around 200 ToyVoyagers into the wild all around the world between 1st and 4th May 2009. The Worldwide Release Weekends are an ideal time to find out what could happen to a ToyVoyager if it is left in a public place for someone to find at random. The idea is that the finder takes the ToyVoyager with them and uploads photos onto its travelog, allowing you to share in its adventures. You never know where they will end up or what amazing sights they will see. Did you join in? How was it for you? Tell us in the forum



Golden Bears Awards 2009

Threadbear was this year's big winner in the GoldenBears Awards - you voted him top in no less than four different categories. Greedy also picked up a couple of gongs in the most hotly contested competition we have ever had. Mr.Lemony is the one to watch for 2009, while Tilda scooped our equivalent of the Lifetime Achievement Award. We would like to say a big THANKYOU to everybody involved in making the awards a such a success - the mentors, hosts, the voters, the Awards organisers and the nomination panel, not forgetting of course the ToyVoyagers themselves!

The GoldenBears Awards are the ToyVoyager equivalent of the Oscars. We ask members to votes for their favourite ToyVoyagers in a host of different categories. The winning ToyVoyagers receive a prestigious GoldenBear icon on their profile pages. See the results of this year's Awards here!



01-Dec-2008 Advent Calendar 2008

Count down to Christmas with the ToyVoyagers Advent Calendar. Each day a new door will open to reveal one of the hundreds of ToyVoyagers that live on this site.

Show me the Advent Calendar



Togs Competition!

These are just some of the great designs now available on the 'Choose Togs' screen, thanks to some fantastic submissions for the Togs Design Competition by ToyVoyagers members. The quality of work was so high that we decided to award five prizes instead of three. Thanks to everybody who contributed, and congratulations to Sararingham who scooped first prize.
To see the entries, and full results listings, have a look at this forum topic



New Design

Did you notice anything different? We created a fresh new design for the site, we hope you like it!

The new design makes it easier for us to add new features - over time there will be new skins for you to choose from too.



12-Apr-2008 - Releases in Belgium

Two of our members, Mistigree and Mood are going to be releasing ToyVoyagers in Belgium this week. They are hoping to hit Bruges, Brussels and Ostende. We wish them good luck and hope it is the start of great journeys for their TVs! We will be watching for updates :)



22-Feb-2008 - Dorset Releases

We headed to Dorset, a lovely part of England for another round of ToyVoyager releases. We can't think of many better places to begin a journey - the coastline there is spectacular!



31-Jan-2008 - Releases St Ives

On New Year's Eve we hit St Ives, Cornwall for a ToyVoyagers release. If you have never been to St Ives at New Year, we thoroughly recommend it! The release was featured on BBC Radio Cornwall.



6-Nov-07 - Wild releases help hospice

Steve and Helly are buying toys from their local hospice every week and releasing them into the wild as ToyVoyagers. We think this is a fantastic way to support a good cause and we look forward to seeing how they get on!



29/30-Sep-07 - Rugby World Cup

Two of our members (Mistigree and Mood) were releasing ToyVoyagers in Toulouse, France at the weekend. They were released them around the stadiums hosting matches for the Rugby World Cup. Did you see one? Did you find one? If so, please update its travelog with some news!



8-Sep-07 - Northern Exposure

We released several ToyVoyagers at the V festival in Toronto. Some have already been rescued and updated, one was released to the drummer from Jamie T's band. Keep watching out for updates....



18-Aug-07 - Storming Castles

It was a wet and windy weekend as we released more ToyVoyagers in Durham, Newcastle and York. Half of those released have had their travelogs updated already after being rescued from their release locations. Keep watching for more updates...



31-Jul-07 - Wendy

As many of you will be aware, Wendy (Tess' granddaughter) is very ill and in hospital at the moment. She is currently undergoing treatment for leukaemia. She is only six years old. If you would like to send Wendy a cheerful card to say Hello, please check out this forum topic for more details.



02-Sep-06 - Worldwide ToyVoyager Release

The first co-ordinated ToyVoyagers release happened in September 2006. Members from around the globe who signed up to take part received a free ready-to-go ToyVoyager through the post, which they then released into the wild. To follow progress, go to View Voyagers and look for ToyVoyagers created by 'Worldwide'.



16-Jun-06 - Flying Pigs

Biggles, Ginger and Strangely-Brown have taken to the skies! Check their travelogs for more photos. If you have found one of them please let us know - until then we will be listening intently to a crackly wireless for news.



7-Jun-06 - Bird in the Hand

Jingo the Flamingo became our Bird-in-the-Hand when we released him into the hands of Charlie Chaplin in Leicester Square, London. Find out how he is getting on here



22-May-06 - Fish out of Water

Moby became our Fish out of Water on Monday, he was released outside the London Aquarium. See the latest photographs and watch his progress here



15-May-06 - Bull in a China Shop

Ferdinand the Bull has been released into Cosmo China in Cosmo Place, Russell Square, London. Will somebody rescue him while the shopkeeper still has some china intact? We'll have to wait and see.



9-May-06 - Zoo Break!

One of our members told us about a planned zoo break and we just had to feature it. Join Gruff, Clarence, Bobbins, Hogarth and Lofty on their adventures to see how far they get.



8-May-06 - Snake in the Grass

He's out there somewhere - Sid the Snake was released into the wild at the Orange Grass restaurant in Coventry to become our snake-in-the-grass. Will he be rescued? Track his progress here



24-Apr-06 - Cat Amongst the Pigeons

What if we put a cat among the pigeons? Find out the answer to this and more of life's great questions over the next few weeks! Track the cat's journey here



16-Apr-06 - Hoppy Easter Hunt (in Lancaster)!

ToyVoyager Bunnies AND Bears! Found one of our little travellers? Please update - let us know it's been found - then help it along before passing it on ...



8-Apr-06 - Warwick Siege!

Several ToyVoyagers travelled to Warwick Castle where they were unleashed onto an unsuspecting public ... If you have found one of our furry friends, please do an update!



1-Apr-06 - Oxford Adventures

We went to the city of the dreaming spires on the same weekend as the boat race to release some more of our adventurous friends. They're out there for the finding - will you become a guardian for one of them?



19-Mar-06 - ToyVoyagers Invade York

Lots of ToyVoyagers were released in York on Sunday, our biggest drop-off yet. More than half of them have been picked up and have had their travelogs updated by their new guardians. But there's still some out there waiting to be found...



12-Mar-06 - Drama in Stratford-upon-Avon!

All the world's a stage when you're a ToyVoyager. Today some of our more theatrical Voyagers begged, nay pleaded, to be released in the Bard's hometown. Parting WAS such sweet sorrow for us, but happily all of them are now journeying with new guardians ...



5-Mar-06 - Major Release in Warwick

We released some intrepid adventurers in Warwick Castle and Warwick town centre. Lots were found, one is heading to Brazil courtesy of its current guardian. Some are still out in the wild, waiting for the next stage of their adventure.




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