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Munich, Germany - 22nd February 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we went to the Old Town of Munich. First stop was to Marienplatz where the square is named after the patron saint of te city (the Virgin Mary). The little gold statue there is of her. You can also see he New City Hall and on it's facade you can also see the Glockenspiel, a mechanical clock that performs a miniature tournament. We tried tp go see it but we went at the wrong time.

Here's me with a street sign that says Marienplatz.

After browsing in some shops, we sat down and took a break. It was kind of slippery walking to the beach but we had no problems.

After our break, we continued walking until we ended up at Max-Joseph-Platz, which the square and the statue behind me was built in honour of Bavaria's first king, Maximillian I Joseph.

Behind the statue is the Nationaltheater, home of the Bavarian State Opera and the Bavarian National Ballet

Next we went to the Residenz or the Royal Palace which was the home of all the Dukes, Electors and Kings of Bavarias during their reigns.

The other side of the entrance.

The entrance to the inside of the palace.

After about 3 hours walking around the palace, we sat on a bench outside to catch our breath. It's hard for us TVs to walk around for 3 hours straight with little legs like ours but we had fun.

After our mini-break, we walked up north towards Odenplatz. On our way there, we noticed this cafe called Nespresso with an ad with George Clooney in it. We were all surprised because we didn't think that we would see George Clooney on an ad in Germany but we thought it was cool.

Finally we reached Odenplatz, First we saw the Theatinerkirche or the Church of St. Kajetan. The church contains the tombs of many of the Bavarian royals.

Next we saw the Feldherrnhalle a tribute commissioned by King Ludwig I to the Bavarian Army. This also where Hilter's Beer Hall putsch failed.

Later we tried to go see a movie but when we arrived we were either way to early or way to late. We also tried to find this sushi restaurant but apparently it doesn't exist anymore so we ended up at McDonald's.

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