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Mist Mountain, Canada - 23rd July 2016

By: smaug


Today smaug decided to take us to a lovely trip to the mountains :). What was less lovely is that, to avoid afternoon thunderstorms, he made us start at a very ungodly hour :rolleyes:. Nevertheless, after a bit we started having a nice view.


For the first part of the morning we aimed for that lovely grassy col :)


…and when we reached it the view improved further.


Sadly, it looked like the trail was not going to be nice and grassy for much longer :rolleyes:


…and soon we were in the middle of a fairly lunar landscape :o.


Our destination looked deceiviously close…


…but it was quite some time before smaug eventually carried us to the top, where the view was spectacular :D.


Of course, true to the summit name, the weather was far from ideal, so smaug decided to quickly retreat down to an elevation where the odds of being smitten be lightning were a bit less discomforting :rolleyes:.

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