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Kazan, Russia - 6th May 2017

By: Vunder

Hi Dad!
How are you there?? B)
Galiya apa now can't go out much since her son's asthma, it's sping time you know. But! She has found some forgotten photos from winter))

There were several New Year trees around the city with different amusements around them! This one was near the racecourse:

(can you find a horse here in the upper picture? :rolleyes:)


This was the only working fountain in the city! (the temperature is below zero, to remind ;))


The racecourse's small museum:


And a great news!!! :D
As I've said Galiya apa can't go out much now, but a friend of hers takes me to to Saint-Petersburg!!!! B) Splendid! So wait and see!

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