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Prairie Mountain, Canada - 1st August 2009

By: smaug


my name is Landroval and I am a young bald eagle (I am not really bald, not yet at least  :rolleyes:, itís just some funny scientist who decided to call us bald; I actually like more being called an haliaeetus leucocephalus  B) but I understand that it may sound like a tongue twister  :().
I was born on the Rocky Mountains and until today I spent my life looking down from high peaks or fishing in one of the lakes around here. I actually really love looking at the world below from the top of a mountain and I love fresh fish too  ;).


This morning I was standing on the top of a mountain when I saw a group of strange animals labouring their way up one of the smallest mountains...and there was also a bald eagle with them (obviously a stranger as I had never seen him before and I know all the eagles living in this part of the Rockies) so I decided to fly down and find out something more about them.


It turned out that they are Toyvoyagers and they travel around the world...I was actually quite intrigued by the idea of exploring the world out of my mountains and so I asked if I could be a TV too and I ended up here, looking for my first host  :). As I mentioned already, I particularly like high places, mountains, hills, bell towers, your bedroom window  ;), anywhere from where I could check out whatís happening below.
If you wish to host me please send a pm to smaug who kindly offered to mentor me and to help me in organizing my trip...look forward to meet you  :).

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