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C Level Cirque, Canada - 8th August 2009

By: smaug


Yesterday Smaug told me that I have been invited to Germany by my first host, I am so excited  :D.
So today I had my final look at the Rockies, in a place called C Level Cirque. First we stopped along the way because Smaug had a site visit to do. Unfortunately the visit was on Police land, so for security reason Smaug couldnít take any picture of us to be posted here  :(...but we got a good look around  ;). As a compensation we stopped at this Bridge on the Bow River in Cochrane to take a photo.


Later we reached our destination near Banff. Smaug explained us that in the early 20th century a town of more than 1000 miners was located here working on coal extraction.  C Level was the highest part of the mining operation on the side of the mountain. Along the trail there are a lot of fenced holes in the ground that were the air vents for the mining shafts. Sully Monster was quite keen to jump the fence, go down and check the shafts  :stare: but Smaug suggested that we needed some darkness experienced support.
Close to the abandoned mines we took this picture of Lake Minnewanka.


Then we reached the actual cirque. Cirque is French word used by geologists to define a semicircular, bowl-shaped depression created by an alpine glacier. In this case the glacier is long gone but a little depression is still there, fed by lot of rubble falling down by the surrounding rock walls.


We actually followed the trail a bit higher up to reach a good view point where we took some more photos.


We didnít linger as flies and mosquitoes were a bit of pain . Smaug said they were a bit more aggressive than usual as they almost completely ignored the exposed skin, well covered with insect repellent, and instead happily drilled their way to the unprotected skin through the clothes  :stare:....luckily for us, it appears that they are not really interested in TV blood.
Once we were back to the car I had final look at the map (hmm, looks like Germany falls out of this  map) and said goodbye to everybody as I will flight directly to my next host.


sammino came with me to the roof of that car to look at my take-off and en route he suggested that the trip might be easier using one of the flights to Frankfurt that leave Calgary Airport daily  :rolleyes:


Itís a long way but I think I can do it, Germany here I come  :D



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