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Aachquelle / Aach, Germany - 6th September 2009

By: Sissi

Hi mommy!
We made a walk to the Aachquelle here in Aach!

The Aachquelle is Germany's biggest natural spring. It is producing an average of 8,500 liters per second.

The name Aachquelle or Aachtopf is compounded from Aach (meaning water in Old High German), the name of the river created by the spring. Topf can be translated as bowl and is commonly used for round, bowl-shaped springs. The Aach flows southward into Lake Constance, which empties into the Rhine.

Most of the water is derived from the Danube River and is obtained where the latter river disappears underground at the Donauversickerung (Danube Sink) near Immendingen and Fridingen. Strangely, the Danube flows eastwards into the Black Sea, whereas the Rhine flows northwards to the North Sea. Therefore the water of the Aach flows under the European continental divide. This is a relatively common feature of karst stream captures.

The Aachtopf is a favourite weekend destination and very romantic. It is not possible to see the cave because it is underwater and cave diving is extremely dangerous.

We had to walk through an old lane in Aach. It's the Mill-Lane (Muehlengasse) and there are many old houses.

Behind the Mill-Lane is the river Aach. So obviously there are also many bridges.

The signd here's showing you how many kilometers it takes to reach other towns or sightseeings. There are often people hiking or doing bycicle tours.

We also went by to many gardens with trees. Although Fall is coming the leaves are still green.

Then we met some goose!!!

Then we arrive at the Aachquelle:

Well, the water is a bit green but it's not allowed to take a bath

There are also lots of trees around and the spring lies a bit into the mountains.

Some more impressions:

And this is where we are :)

Hugs, Landroval

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