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Heligoland, Germany - 18th October 2009

By: olgamaus


greetings from Heligoland!

Helgoland is a German archipelago in the North Sea. They are the only German islands not in the immediate vicinity of the mainland and are approximately three hours' sailing time from Cuxhaven at the mouth of the River Elbe, in the southeastern corner of the North Sea.

Heligoland consists of two islands: the populated triangular 1 km2 (0.4 sq mi) main island to the west and the dune to the east. The main island is commonly divided into the Unterland ("Lower Land") at sea level, the Oberland ("Upper Land), consisting of the plateau.

Today we are visiting the "Dune"


This seal is only made of stone, but they have real seals here.


I have a great overview from the top of this beach chair.


They also have a small lighthouse on the "Dune".


Here you can enjoy the Heligoland national dishes:

Knieper (claws of large edible crab)
Labskaus (a stew made of salted meat or corned beef, potatoes, herring, onion and beetroot)
Bald Eagle with french fries *haha*



I angled this gigantic fish, all on my own, and than I hauled it to land.



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