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Äänekoski, Finland - 23rd August 2012

By: Fendi

Hey there!

On Tuesday I arrived in Äänekoski! My host mom and Nils was already waiting for me. At the same day, we went to visit my host mom's grandmoter who lives alone in the middle of forest. And she is 88 years old. But anyway, we went there to picking berries! Me and Nils were helping as best we can. Those berries weren't very tasty, too sour for me.
Suddenly we heard a weird noise.. We looked for its maker but we couldn't see anything until my host mom pointed in the sky. There was hot air balloon! It was strange that it was flying there, middle of nowhere. After picking berries we went to near forest. There was a lake but that was not suitable for swimming because it was bottomless, it was more swmp lake than a real one. In the forest we saw berries too, lingonberries, but they were even more sour. Later we ent inside the house and there was really strange shoes and bag! They were made from birchbark! That birch shoe was really good place to take a little nap.

The weekend is coming and we are maybe going to do something really fun!

I hope you all the best!
Greetings, Lancel : )


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