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Ebersbach/Sachsen, Germany - 24th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Heyho mommy!  :D

Wow today I took a little walk with LadyButterfly and another TV named Mr.Zwie-Fox. We went to a hidden place and if somebody have asked me befor I was there, I hadn't believe that this can be true.

Our walk wasn't very long, behind a residential area and next to a factory hidden between trees and bushes, there is a hidden place where the Spree rises.


This place is called the "Spreeborn" it's the very special name of the fountain of the Spree. There are two other fountains, but this one is the oldest known fountain.

Here you can see the fountain! But today there was a plate over it, because it is allready prepared for the winter. In spring or summer you can see here the beginning of the river Spree.


This is the blazon of saxony... it is one of four blazons which are shown around the pavilion.


And this is one of four stone signs!
I try to translate it into english!
Watertable of the Spreeborn
387,26 m
over the Ostsee


Befor we went back home I read this sign!
The main information of this sign is, that the Spreeborn is the oldest Spree-fountains of all.
But there are also informations about saving our nature, because right behind the Spreeborn in is a factory, but the owner of this factory does everything to save the Spreeborn and the very small nature around.


That day was so cool, mommy! A little bit cold, but Mr.Zwie-Fox and me could sit in the bag of the stroller. It was so cuddly in it!  ;)

I hope you have great days too, mommy!

Mr Pumba

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