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My hosts home, Germany - 27th December 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hey mommy,

I know now many time has passed, but you know why and LadyButterfly told me she is very happy you aren't mad with her. So this travellog update is from the beginning of december!


In the first week of december LadyButterfly took out many boxes, because she wanted to decorate the flat. She asked me and the other TVs to help her and she has not to ask a second time. It was so exciting to look into the boxes and find the sweet christmasstuff.


There were so much things inside the boxes, it was amazing and between the stuff we played hide and seek. I think I will win, when I could have a hat from Santa. You will not find me in all these things or what do you think mommy?


Mommy are you now mad at me? I know, I'm a really cheeky warthog, because I jumped on the crib. But don't be mad, me and my other TV-friends wanted to play a crib scene and I should been the angel who told Mary she is pregnant with little Jesus!


And here you can see one of LadyButterflys most loved things in the christmastime. This is a smoker which is build of her boyfriend, when he was 7 years old. It was a present for his grandmother and when she died he took it back and now it is the most loved smoker and I can tell you, he is working perfect!


Ohhhhh mommy we made cookies!!!!!!  :D
I was so happy when LadyButterfly showed me all ingridients and asked me if I have a clue what we will do with them! Hehe sure I had a clue and so I helped her to make the cookies!


First of all we had to put all ingridients together and kneed it to a dough. It was so hard for me not to try a little piece of the dough, but I was strong... ok maybe i ate a really, really tiny piece of it.... psssst don't tell it LadyButterfly!  ;)


The next step was to roll out the dough and because LadyButterfly had forgotten to take the rolling pin with her from her parents, she used a old bottle!


This is me watching the cookies if they are ready... and they smelled so tasty... hmmmmmmmm!


And in the end I was the first who could try the cookies! They were soooooooo delicious! So I ate my first cookie on my journey, on step closer to fill this life mission! Cool!!!

I hope you are doing good mommy!


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