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Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, Germany - 19th January 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy!  :D

When you'll read this, I will on my way to Austria, I'm very excited, the first time I will leave Germany. But now I want to tell you something amazing!

I finished my first life mission!  :D

I saw a real pig and I had also dinner with it, it was so cool!
I visited the farm together with LadyButterflys boyfriend, because she got a bad illness. She wasn't able to talk or do anything else, so her boyfriend took care of me and helped me to finish my life mission.

On the farm I visited Rudi, he is the familypig and lifes with his family for over two years. LadyButterflys boyfriend told me it is a special pig because it is so big. Many of his conspecifics aren't growing that much, because they will slaughtered befor they are one year old.


I also had dinner together with Rudi, but he has much more bad manners than me! But he gets just the best food! Only buns from a baker and everything the family also eats.


I also tried to sit on Rudis head, but that was very hard. Rudi has always hunger and so he tried to eat me. Because it was to dangerous for me, I decided it is better to sit next to him.
He has a really good life, even if you can't see it on the picture, but he has a biiiiiiig stable, with much place and much more straw for his own.


Just a few days later it was time to say goodbye! All TVs get together to say goodbye to me and wish me a great trip to Austria. They made a sign again for me and sang the song "Time to say goodbye" from Andrea Bocelli for me... I had some little tears in my eyes!


In the end, they helped me into my box and prepared it for my journey to Austria.
Now I'm on my way and hope my trip won't take so long. I'm sure it will be great in Austria and I will see many new things. I hope I will be there soon!  :)

Love Mr Pumba

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