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Ballarat, Australia - 14th December 2011

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

We went for a big drive today to Ballarat Wildlife Park.

Here we are ready to go!  :D
this is a Tasmanian Devil. They growl and scream a lot. The early settlers here in Australia called the Devils because they could hear the noise the animals made, but could only see the red ears, and they were scarey!! You can see how red the ears look with the sun shining on them!  :D
my first view of a real koala (other than Binky of course!!  ;))
they were busy eating their gum leaves
Ooohhh... hello, how are you? This is a western gray kangaroo, maybe it thought I had food?
back to eating now! :D
over there is an emu and a kangaroo
here is another emu Mum, it was watching me and the food we had left for a kangaroo,
we think this was a crocodile, but it might have been an alligator, we aren't sure  ;)
have a look at this big old lizard Mum, he might have been checking me out for dinner, lucky he was behind glass!! :p
giant tortoise having mushrooms and cucumber for lunch
Ooohh... this was a crocodile
this baby wombat wanted to come out and play - it is one year old and very cute! :D
here we are on our way home Mum -- through the gum trees! We have had a busy day so I am off for a snooze on the back seat now!

Love and hugs

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