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Lamspringe, Germany - 7th January 2012

By: HoBi

Hello Mum ,

today I arrived safely at HoBi’s home in Lower Saxony.


Murph and Orpheus opened my envelope and helped me out of my envelope.


I showed my gifts!


A big thank you from HoBi.

The weather was horrible. But I want to see the world, so we decided to make a trip to Lamspringe.
There  is an old abbey.



At the entrance to the abbey garden we found this interesting thing.


In the past criminals had this ring around there neck and they were in the  pillory.

In the park was this old mill.


They made the meal for the abbey there.

Unfortunately the water wheel didn’t move, because it is winter now.


They had a big playground in the park. Orpheus and I wanted to play on the seesaw, but I was too heavy.


Here starts the Lamme. It is a little river that flows through Bad Salzdetfurth, where HoBi and Murph are living.


We saw three lakes – this was the biggest.


I think that I will like it here – and hope to find a lot of more nice place in Lower Saxony.


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