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Washington DC, United States - 17th April 2011

By: tarepanda

Today we go to the National Zoo. 


We release a book about Giant Panda here.


There are lots of pandas here in the gift shop! 


We check out the small mammals.  This one is a monkey with a funny face.


There are lots of little animals like moles, monkeys, porcupines, squirrels and more, but they don't like posting for the camera.

Can you spot the tiger in the cave?  We release a tiger book here too.


I am so especially excited to see my friends.  Hmm, that lion is a lucky guy, with lots of girls around him.  I need to get some girlfriends too.


We also see a cheetah, the fastest animal on earth.  But of course, not as fierce as a lion is.


This is a praire dog, although it doesn't look a bit like a dog to me. 


We release a book at this Praire Dog statue.  The book is titled The Blue Fox, but since that part of the exhibit is closed we release it here.  It has been caught!!


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