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Heidelberg, Germany - 14th April 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Hi Mum

How are you doing? I'm fine and today I made a nice excursion with our current gang of seven ToyVoyagers.

First we passed a school complex. As it's Saturday, there weren't any pupils, of course.


Then we got to the cemetary "Bergfriedhof". It was opened in 1844 and consists of a Christian and a Jewish part. It's quite a big area and we saw only a small part of it.



Here we're all sitting on the grave of the Jewish author Hilde Domin. She was born in Cologne in 1909 and died in Heidelberg in 2006. In 2004 she became honorary citizen of the town.


After leaving the cemetary we spent about three hours walking in the forest.



We rested on this interesting table.


This totem pole was standing next to the eagle table so we actually felt a little like in the USA.


We were quite tired after all that walking but as we had to go down to the city centre, anyway, to catch a bus back home, we decided to take some photos at the castle which is situated about 80 m above the city in the mountains.


This is one of the fountains in the castle's garden:


The view down to the city centre, the Old Bridge and the river Neckar is really stunning.


Heidelberg Castle was built in the early 13th century and destroyed in the 17th and 18th century. Its remains and ruins are nowadays the city's main tourist attraction.




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