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Go to a fun Halloween party.

Go trick-or-treating with a bunch of kids.

Visit five different zoos.

Go aboard a big, luxurious cruise ship.

See a great, big waterfall.

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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 19th September 2007

By: marina

Hello! My name is Palmito. It is the Spanish word for "heart of palm."

I used to be part of someone's collection (the same one as Robito) and have just arrived at my new home in Miami, Florida, today.

I'm a little black monkey who loves making others laugh, no matter what it takes--I don't care if I make a fool of myself so long as I manage to cheer my friends up and put a smile on their faces. Like any other monkey, I enjoy climbing on things, especially trees (though of course there are no trees in the apartment where I live, so I climb on the cat's carpeted condo or on the bookshelves!) Despite having no arms or hand (just like Robito) I can climb anything with ease! ;)

I just love eating sweet things. Cookies are my favorite treat! I really like candies, too, so Halloween if my favorite season! I hope I can go to many Halloween parties, and even better, go trick-or-treating with a bunch of kids in cool costumes! Of course, I'd need a costume of my own... :thinking: Perhaps Robito could help me make one.

I would like to visit zoos in different countries. I hope to make many friends as I travel around the world!


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