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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 24th December 2007

By: marina

What a good time I had with all my monkey friends in Oregon! BunTraveler was such a wonderful host to both SaruMaru and me. And she gave us all those goodies for the trip back! I must say I didn't have much left over by the time we got home... SaruMaru saved all of his, though, probably to share with Mocha. Right now we're keeping it for him since he went to China to meet with his Mom and Mocha. Of course, I don't know where it's hidden, or I would have eaten it already... :rolleyes:

We have a beautiful Christmas tree. I'm having fun climbing it. Robito and me played with Shampoo a bit today, then we raided a little basket that had lots of chocolate coins, Hershey's kisses and candy canes in it. I prayed a little by the Nativity and then we both went to bed.

Everyone, hope you have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow!  :)


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