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To see Malta again

To go for a picnic in the woods (Teddybears love picnics)

To dance like my idol Fred Astaire

To go for a boat ride

To celebrate a birthday with a new friend

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London, England - 3rd September 2007

By: Kat

I was overjoyed when K fished me out from behind the desk today but then my heart sank - what was I going to do now? No one knew where my friend was so K and I sat and thought for a while. I couldn't remember what my birthday was so K gave me a new one - I love birthdays.  We thought and we thought and then K had a great idea! She was going to register me to become a Toy Voyager. I'd never heard of a Toy Voyager before but it certainly sounded impressive. I wondered if it's anything like a Space Ranger? K quickly explained to me that Toy Voyagers go out and explore the world. Their mission is to meet as many people as possible and see lots of new places. I was so excited! At last, I have a purpose again in life and I love making new friends.
K took me home where I got to meet Wally (another Toy Voyager) and his friends Caramello, Kicker and Kiwi. Wally and I had a great time hanging out. We played games and watched TV on the beanbag. K said that I can go exploring as soon as my tag arrives - I can't wait! I wonder what my first adventure will be??


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