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To see Malta again

To go for a picnic in the woods (Teddybears love picnics)

To dance like my idol Fred Astaire

To go for a boat ride

To celebrate a birthday with a new friend

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Ipswich, Australia - 19th November 2007

By: michele

He should have been visiting Christine Eustice who moved from this house before we bought it in may 2007 so he is looking out the window wondering what to do. I looked on the website and could not resist opening it, usually do a return to sender but he would have got lost in the bowles of aust post, and beleive me thats not pretty.  Let me know what to do and where to send him he has shared his birthday with my hubby but not cake or candles poor little thing. Fred Abear says he is liking the computor room and is looking at sharing his time with  PANDA , Panda has taken him under his wing for a wee while. :thinking: :( :o

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