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Remscheid, Germany - 8th September 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today the weather got better again. In the afternoon, when Katja came home from work, the sun was shining. She wanted to go outside with us but she had to pack the Teddy Bears for Threadbear first.

When the package was pasted and labeled we went to the post office first. The Teddy Bears are on their way to South Africa now!

The post office is located in one of the old districts of Remscheid, in Hasten.

Here you can find many of the old typical houses. On the left side you can see an elementary school.


Katja wanted to show us  the muncipal park. We walked along the "Route of tools" (Trasse des Werkzeugs) to get there. This is a lane for pedestrians that was built on a closed railway line. It was sponsored by local industrial companies. Most of them are metalworking industry, they make all sorts of tools.

You can find many signs and artwork of local artists along this route.

This bank is made from a gigantic screw clamp.


The next photo does not show artwork but an inscription that shows the distance to several destinations along the route.


When we left this route we had to walk straight uphill to get to the muncipal park.


I saw a bush with orange berries.


This is the observatory.


The next picture is made in the park.


In spring and summer many flowers are blooming in the park. Now there are only a few kinds of flowers blooming, these for example.


This pillar is a memorial place for citizens of Remscheid which died as soldiers in previous wars before world war I.


In the middle of the photo you can see the district where the post office is located.


Large parts of the park appear more like a forrest than a park. Here you can see that autumn is coming soon!


On our way back home we walked through another little park. Here you can find a pillar that's showing the crest of Remscheid and the names of the partner towns.


Katja's daughter cooked pasta with tuna sauce for us. We'll go to bed soon.


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