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Gavà, Spain - 23rd June 2012

By: SiniS

Hello mommy!!!
Today we will celebrate “Sant Joan”!! We don’t go to the beach, but we will celebrate it at Zero’s mommy’s boyfriend.
We have to take the train.

A-Ooohh!! It’s dark outside!!
Z-Yes, we can’t see anything!!!!

It’s time for dinner!!! We have pizzas, chips, something to drink, our “coca”… and while we are eating, we will do a film marathon. We will watch “Spiderman 1, 2 and 3”.

-¡Guys! ¡¡The film starts!!
Z-Wait!!! We have to prepare ourselves!!!

Surprise mommy!!!! You wondered what we did this morning? This is the answer!!!! We did disguises from the characters of the movie!!!!
I’m Peter Parker, Zero is the spider that bites me and then I become Spiderman (TezTez)!!!!

Z-Now we are ready!!
T-The movie can start!!!

When the first movie ended, we go to a square near home to throw some fireworks!!! Mommy, do you know there are some fireworks for kids? That fireworks were wich we threw!!!! :D

And we threw one firework each one!

After that, we came back home to watch the other movies.
Mommy, this weekend is so funny!!! Did you had a funny weekend too? I hope so!!!
Miss youu!!!!!

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