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Barcelona, Spain - 8th July 2012

By: SiniS

Hi mommy!! How are you??
I’m so happy because today we did a very interesting thing. Do you remember, when I went to Catalunya en miniatura, that I’ve said that I would like to visit the real buildings? So, today we visited the REAL Sagrada Familia!!! Yes!!! Look at this photos mom!!!
Furthermore, Zero explained us about this building :)

Z-This is Sagrada Familia, an expiatory temple that means that this building it has been built from donations. You have to know that this temple is under construction, because it’s not finished yet!! Gaudí started to work on it but he died before the end of the construction. After this, many architects have continued the work. But you will see the differences…

Z-This is the original part by Gaudí. I think it’s so beautiful with a lot of details. Its “Façana Naixement” (Nativity Façade) and explains with its sculptures the nativity of Jesus. It’s full of life (the same nativity and vegetals and animals).

Z- And his is the new part, “Façana de la Passió” (Passion Façade) by Josep Maria Subirachs. It represents the Via Crucis, reflecting the desolation, the pain and the death of Jesuschrist and it’s made withouth details and with austere materials.

Wooww!!!! I loved this visit!!! But I know that this would be better if you were here with me :) Wich part do you like, mom? I can’t decide. We can discuss this when I get home.
Ah!! And if you want to know more about Sagrada familia you can look here: http://www.sagradafamilia.cat/sf-eng/index.php

Byee mom!!!

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