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Barcelona, Spain - 22nd August 2012

By: SiniS

Hi mommy!!!
Today we have visited Camp Nou!!! And Doña Felisa get one of hers life missions and Zero improve one of his!!!

We enter by one of the lateral gates. Can you see all that shields in the wall? They are from each “penya barcelonista”, a community that brings support to a football team, in this case, Barça.

This big truck is TVE, a national public television channel that will transmit live the match. Tomorrow there will be a Barça-Madrid match, the two most important teams in Spain. We have found a cartel that informed that.

This is the principal gate to the stadium, but you have to pay to visit it.

In front of this gate, there are some sculptures.

And this is me with Barça flags and Catalonia flag.

And finally, outside the stadium, you can see “La Masia”, it was home to the Barcelona youth squad.

Congratulations Doña Felisa!!! I hope you enjoy this visit!!

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