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Friedrichsthal, Germany - 1st September 2012

By: Shilo

Hello Mum.

This was a very special Weekend. We visited good friends from my host parents in the Saarland, because Shilos godson will be baptized this Sunday. It was very special for me to be here, because I saw so many different baptize traditions.
The Saarland is next to France and because of this they had a special baptize tradition which comes from France. The godmothers and godfathers of the child pack “Gutzien”, little backs with sweets. After the baptism they were a present for all the kids, the family and friends so they welcome the child as a part of their community.

Here we are shopping the sweets for the “Gutzien”. The sweets look so yummy.


After our shopping trip it was time to pack the backs. First all the sweets were mixed together in a big laundry basket. Who wants to swim in gold, swimming in sweets is much cooler. :)


Then we helped Shilo to fill the bags. At the end we had packed 50 “Gutzien” and the best is that we have our own “Gutzien”.




This is the christening robe. It is hands made and in family property since generations and a lot of kids were baptized in this robe.


Then we had some free time, so we took the chance and played around in the garden.





Another tradition for the baptism is that an apple tree was planted. So one of the godfathers brought one with him and we planted it in the garden.  It wasn’t easy but it made a lot of fun. I wonder how the apples will taste one day.







After the baptism we were helping to decorate the tables for the coffee and cake.




Shilo gave the baby a baptism bracelet. It is another tradition here in Germany. Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture with it.
It was a special weekend for me and I had a lot of fun.

Love you mum
Your Bzzzzz

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