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Yosemite National Park, America - 19th July 2012

By: Shilo

Good Morning World and Mum.

When I stood up this morning I saw that the weather was a little bit rainy today. But some rain doesnít disturb me on my domination tour, so I decided to lead the others to the Mariposa Grove first. This grove is very cool because there we could see the giant sequoias. These Trees were as strong as I am because they donít die from age, after thousands of years they easily fall over because they get too heavy.




And not only were the trees themselves giant, their fir cone were also very huge.


In the Forest we found this cool rock. Unfortunately I have no flag to place it on top the rock, to declare this grove as mine. But this whole park will be mine, so it is ok. I will return one day to place a flag here.


From the Forest we drove to Glacier point. When we arrived there the rain had stopped and the sun came out.  Even the weather seems to be on my side now. Because the sun shines now my view over the park from the viewpoint was even better. When I look around I am sure that it was a great idea to take over this National Park.





Glacier point lies 7214ft / 2199m over the sea-level. It was very windy so high above and we had to be very careful that we donít get blown away.  Because of that I showed the others a place behind some rocks, where we could hide and get some break.





After our short break it was time for us, to move on to the Tunnel View. This view is really fantastic.


In the evening we planned to walk to the Yosemite Falls. On our way we stopped at this lake, because I wanted to show the others what a great swimmer I am. But the water was too cold for the others, so the others went only with their feed into the water, while I swam around.



After a while we moved on, but then we stopped because we saw this Mule deer. I took a picture with it to show you what great animals live here in my new park.


And near the Mule deer we saw a real Black Bear.  Unfortunately my big friend was hurt, so the Park Rangers had to come to help him. They havenít heard from my great skills, so they didnít give me the chance to come closer to the bear as all the others.


It took a while but finally we arrived at the Yosemite Falls. It looks like a giant shower for a very important person like I am.


Because the river bed was mostly desiccated from the hot weather, we I lead the others through it to come nearer to the waterfall. It wasnít easy to make our way through the rocks, but we made it. My companions were really strong and brave on this way, I am very proud of them.





On our way back to Curry Village we decided to take the bus again, so that the others could rest a little bit.


Tomorrow we will move on to the Death Valley. It will take a while before we will get there. So we had to stand up very early. As a good leader it is very important to look that your companions get enough sleep, because of that we went to bed early.

So good night everybody

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