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London, England - 7th April 2009

By: iddewes

Well, haven't done a lot yet, but went for a nice little walk in Stoke Newington, which is just down the road from where my hostess lives. It's a little bit nicer than her actual area too.
There are two big churches there, both the church of St Mary, both Church of England. They are related but one's the old church and the other is the 'new' one.
Well here I am by the old one - it really is pretty old, maybe about 500 years!
there's the door
and the old churchyard (most graves seem to be newer than that though...mostly 19th century I think)
there's the new church..
There is a park right next to the churches too :) Clissold Park, it's very nice.
cool park benches there :)
Oh the other thing though...it's quite funny that my hostess took pics of me by the churches because actually she's Jewish! :D But her Jewish community is quite small and they actually meet in a hall belonging to the churches! They get on very well with the priest. :)
Now it's almost Passover...she's not allowed to eat bread then but only special crackers called Matzah. She got given a free box of them by the Chabad Lubavitch, they are a special group that would like to make all Jews turn Orthodox...;) My hostess is not Orthodox but she got the crackers anyway
Isn't it a nice box? :)
She also has kosher chocolate spread, yummy!

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