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Glauburg, Hessen, Germany - 21st June 2009

By: AnjaM

A beautiful big farm near Glauburg - and a Linden Tree

Hi Mommy,

when we drove home from Glauburg, we saw the most beautiful farm building!  :D Anja just had to stop her car and have a look around - and of course, we got to see it, too.  :D










No, this is not a castle. This is really a farm!





Near the main building, there were two lovely old Linden trees, as big as a house



Linden trees blossom in early June, and the smell of the blossoms is unbelievably sweet and lovely  :D

To German people, a Linden tree is the most romantic thing in the world, and this tree also plays a large role in German / Germanic folk lore.

In mythology, the linden tree is a symbol of peace, truth and justice. This connection is from Germanic mythology where the linden tree is associated with Freyja, the motherly goddess of truth and love.

According to German folklore, it was not possible to lie while standing under a linden tree. Consequently, Germans often met under linden trees not only to dance and celebrate, but also to hold their judicial proceedings. Christianity later replaced Freyja with the Madonna and rededicated the trees to Mary, the mother of God.


The Linden tree also plays an important role as a symbol for love and peace during the romantic period in German literature and music in the 1800s, and through the ages - up to the time of Anja's grandmother - young people would meet under the big Linden tree in a village / town square to celebrate and dance - and to fall in love  :D

Here is a song about a Linden tree, composed by Franz Schubert in 1827:

Am Brunnen vor dem Tore - song you can listen to

Ooooh, this place was so romantic! If you listen to the old song and look again at the pictures, then you can catch the mood of the place.  :D

Romantic regards

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