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Oberursel near Frankfurt, Germany - 23rd October 2009

By: AnjaM

Percy arrives

Hi Mommy,

today, Percy arrived at Anja's house.
Anja said that he came all the way from Japan!

So, of course, we all crowded around him, to see what a Japanese Toy Voyager looks like and to welcome him.


We all admired the lovely postcard he brought from Japan (Japan! Wow! Even Anja was impressed!  :D ), and we all shared the Snickers bars that he brought.


Percy said that he likes to visit Haunted places.

Well, Anja had bought all kinds of weird stuff in the last few days.
And I mean: WEIRD!!!!  B)

Anja said to us that she will be hosting a big Halloween party for a lot of people on Saturday.

Then Percy looked all frightened. Tee hee hee, so much for being bold and liking to visit Haunted Places!  ;)

Well, I am looking forward to the party!  :D

I LOVE haunted places!  :D Well, of course I am a tiger, and I know no fear!

Snickering regards

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