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Bochum, Germany - 23rd April 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hello Mum,

today was a beautiful day :) Bright sunshine and blue sky. Well, at least most of the time  B)
Our crew decided to enjoy the weather in a park in Bochum, called "Harpener Teiche". It's a big park with many ponds.
My host told me that the mine drainage water of a nearby mine flows into the Harpener Teiche. The Ruhr Area is popular for its former mining and the mines which are out of service fill up with mine drainage water. This water has to be pumped out because otherwise it would mix up with the groundwater and would make it useless. It's kinda complicated to explain, anyway this process has to be conducted to all eternity.


A molehill :)


This is an underpass which leads to an residential area. I know, it doesn't look that nice.. :D

Can you find me? :D

This is one of the inflows of the mine drainage water. I think it looks very nice!!

Well yeah, that was my day :) All in all it was a very nice day and a very welcome change after some rainy days...


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