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Bochum, Germany - 28th April 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hey Mummy!!

Today was a festival in Bochum, called "Maiabend Fest" (May evening festival). It's an old traditional festival which is several hundreds of years old. The background of this festival is that back then - a few hundred years ago - young people cut down a tree in a district in Bochum called "Harpen" and they carried it to the city center. Since this time, this procedure is beeing held every year.
There is a big parade every year where the Maischützen (there's no english word for it) walk from Harpen to the city center, drinking lots of alcohol and making music. In the city center is a big festival with many beer stalls, food stands, a medieval market and a stage with live music. It's quite nice :)

Here you can see some people of the parade:

Well, due to the fact that it's a big festival there's some police which keep an eye on everything. Here you can see me and the others on a police car :) The "STOP" is mirror-inverted due to the fact that the car drivers can read it when they look in their rearview mirror when the police is behind them. The policeman turned it on especially for us TV's!!

So, besides it was time to say goodbye to Tucker and Lexie. They will leave us today and start their first adventures. Tucker will go to Remscheid (here in Germany) and Lexie will go to Australia. It was kinda sad to say goodbye but maybe I'm gonna see them again one day.

Yeah, that's it so far. I hope you have a nice weekend!!

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