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Sülfeld, Germany - 20th March 2011

By: RikeH

Hello friends,

my name is GustavHH and I am just new in this thing. Yesterday I sat in my garden in Zingst, when I heard two guys talking in the next tree.


I called them and they came onto my tree.


They told me about their life - and it sounds exciting! Well - I want to try it, too. I had no time to ask RikeH - she seems to be the one who organize the travels. So I climbed into the car, when they left today.

In Sülfeld I walked through the garden - a nice sunny place.


I found the other ToyVoyagers inside - sitting on a big armchair. First I was a little shy.


But then I jumped to the others and talked about my plans.


I asked RikeH - and as you see - I am a ToyVoyager now.

Would you love to host me? I would love to see a lot of the world.


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