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Temuco, Chile - 14th April 2011

By: Leslie

I finally arrived in Chile! The most southern country in the world! :cyclops:


As soon as I got out of the envelope, these two guys, Cassiopeia and Pepita came to welcome me :) They said I'm going to like Chile  ;)
I gave Leslie the postcard I brought for her and she really liked it!  ;)


Then I took a look around and these weird things on a shelf caught my attention inmediately. Leslie told me she bought them in Bolivia. The biggest monolith symbolizes the cosmos vision of the Tiwanaku culture. See mom? I'm already learning new stuff, feel proud of me!  :rolleyes:


Oh, by the way, Cassiopeia is a yellow ToyVoyager ;) which means "mission accomplished"!
I will do more updates soon  :)

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