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Haacht, Belgium - 8th June 2011

By: DemiShinigami


I arrived in Belgium!
It's much colder here than it was in Chile, but luckily I didn't get wet in yesterday's storm.


Because I couldn't go out to explore today, I explored the house where I'll be staying. I also met some of the other inhabitants.


This is Indi, she was very happy to meet me. She's really sweet, but I didn't dare come too close yet because she looked like she wanted to lick me - I don't think I'm ready for that kind of relationship, haha!  :p


This here is Marcel, he's a little weird. I wanted to go say hi and become friends, but he wasn't very talkative. I tried to make friendly conversation and asked "what are you doing here?", but he didn't want to answer that question ... Odd. Maybe he's just a little shy ...?

(Can you understand the text? It's Dutch.)  :D


My host-mum is very busy right now, she has to study for exams. She told me I could help her with studying. I looked through her books but there were so many letters! Pff, I got a little tired from reading so much.

My host-mum says she's going to her university city Leuven on Friday, and she's going to take me with her so I can go explore.

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