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Leuven, Belgium - 11th June 2011

By: DemiShinigami


Here I am again!

Today my host-mum had to go to her university city to hand in a paper and to bring some books to the library, and she took me with her. She had to be very quick though since she's very busy right now, so she couldn't give me an elaborate tour of Leuven, but I still got to see some interesting places.


First we drove our bike to the village centre to catch a bus. This is the church, I was checking the time on the tower clock ... 10am, that means that we were in time for our bus, luckily!


Here I am on the bus. My host-mum says there's only one public bus company in the whole of Flanders, so all the buses look kinda the same. The interior is blue-greyish with yellow accents, so my colour went well with the colours of the bus!


When we got off the bus I saw the Saint-Peter's church. It's a gothic church that they started building in 1400, but they worked on it for many many years. I tought it looked kinda odd without a tower, but my host-mum explained that they originally wanted to build three huge towers (150 meters and 120 meters high) but that the plans weren't made well so the towers would collapse if they built them ...


This is the Main Market of Leuven. In Dutch it's called 'Grote markt' which means 'big market', but it isn't very big ... Maybe that's because Leuven isn't a big city either. The building behind me is the Town Hall. It looked very impressive, it has a lot of statues standing on it (236 to be precise).


We had to hurry on, luckily my host-mum knows a lot of shortcuts. Leuven is often called a 'student city' because of the prominence of the Catholic University of Leuven. The buildings of the university are spread everywhere throughout the center of the city, so if you know them, you can walk through them and use them as shortcuts to get from one place to another. This is the faculty building of the law students.


We made it to the building where my host-mum had to deliver her paper and the library books. My host-mum studies at the faculty of Arts, so the building is called the 'Arts House' and the garden where it's located is called the 'Arts garden'. Inside the building were a lot of students who were getting ready for oral exams.


After delivering the paper we went into a bookstore because my host-mum needed a book about Greek religion. She couldn't find it at first so I helped her look for it ...


Then it was time to return home so my host-mum could continue studying. We went to the train & bus station to take the bus. I would say I'd have liked to stay and look around some more, but as you can see the weather was turning really bad ... It started pouring not long after that, so I was happy to be dry at home.

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