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Sortavala, Russia - 30th November 2008

By: Delenna

Wakey wakey rise & shine! Early in the morning we packed to head back home. These pics are also taken by the hotel but in a different light. Plus there's a photo of the monument of a folk-tale narrator Petri Shemeikka (1825 - 1915) which was set up in 1935 to commemorate a centenary of Kalevala first issue. The author is Alpo Sailo sculptor, the lay-out of public gardenis made by Uno Verner Ullberg. This monument is raised from Berg judge's bequeathed means and from the revenue of the Singing Festival in 1926.

And yep, that's our buss!

TV_Sortavala (85).jpg
TV_Sortavala (86).jpg
TV_Sortavala (78).jpg
TV_Sortavala (87).jpg

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