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meet up with a sibling somewhere

find my missing brother Azul

eat at an all you can eat buffet

visit greece (I like greek food)

a family reunion (with a big dinner)

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Missing in, Australia - 29th February 2008

By: wourpet

It is suddenly of the utmost importance that the Conejo family rounds up all the strays and travelers for a family reunion at Easter.  It would seem that Ahumado (Coney) Conejo is due to return from Iraq.  His timing, even if we don't know the eexact date, is excellent since it was one year ago on March 24 of 2007 that the Conejo family were rescued in Springerville Arizona and set off on their worldly adventures.  However it seems the fate of the Conejo family is not a happy one and many may have possibly ended up in the stew pot.
Coney joined the army and was soon in Baghdad traveling around in tanks and hummers.  Azul ran off with a new and unknown friend following a July 4th parade and is likely deep in the Navajo Nation with no internet communication and unable to report in.  Picado has clocked a remarkable amount of miles as he has crisscrossed the globe and is currently in California.  He will make one last visit to Florida before returning home for the reunion.  Morado has just started out on the Russian TVT so he will not be able to make it home, or so he says, but the pictures from Germany and Russia are indicative of a fondness for partying.  Rosa spent most of the year at home waiting for Coney but was invited by a park ranger (after she had left her wallet and ID behind at Aztec Ruins National Park) to visit a friend in France where she would be able to reach a life mission and visit a winery.  First, though, she would spend some time with the Park Ranger, including a road trip around Montana. Apparently there is a large amount of snow in Montana but she made it to France in December and will hopefully be heard from again this spring.  Maybe she can even make the reunion before returning to France.  Blanche went to Australia and it would appear she fell into the fate every little rabbit worries about  -- the stew pot and she was never heard from again.  All attempts to contact her host or to have her moved on have gone unanswered.  The rest of the Conejo family is of little help.  With Azul missing in action on the Navajo Nation, or maybe also in the stew pot, Rosa snowed under in the wilds of Montana, or also in the stew pot,  Morado partying and dancing in Russia, and sufficiently stewed even if hes not in a pot and Blanche in the billycan -- it is going to be a sad affair when Picado is the only Conejo present to welcome his brother Coney home from his long deployment in Baghdad. 

So I am asking you please If you are able at all to help Blanche find her way home please do so.

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