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Stratford upon Avon, England - 4th September 2007

By: Steve & Helly

Today I went to Startford Upon Avon, or, Stratford Upon THE Avon as the locals say. I had a beautiful drive up through the Cotswolds, in Monsieur Alfonse, the scenery was gorgeous.

I didn't get chance to explore Stratford itself as I went to the racecourse to a Citroen Rally. There were lots of Citroens of all shapes and sizes there. I was told I would see lots of 'H' Vans. I was a bit scared as I wasn't certain what they were but I needn't have worried, they were just big vans with a bonnet which looks a bit like a pigs snout!

It is the Citroen 'H' Van's 60th birthday this year so there were lots of 'H' Vans there. I climbed on one so I could have a better look.

I chatted to my friend Travelling Bear and told him all about Toy Voyagers. I'm hoping he'll register soon.

We stayed about two hours and then we drove back home. In total Monsieur Alfonse & I travelled 150 miles.

Next week I'm off on my big adventure to France - well, actually Helly & Steve have kindly let me go with them on honeymoon. I've promised I won't get in their way!

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