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To live in France

To visit the 2CV French National, in Dunkerque, in 2008

To visit southern Ireland

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Carteret, France - 20th September 2007

By: Steve & Helly

Oh, what a day! I thought I was excited spotting a 'Blue Elephant' earlier this week.

Today we were heading south, towards La Haye Du Puits when I spotted two 2CVs coming towards us. I waved and got Steve to flash his lights. They waved back, do you think they knew that my 'home' in England is a 2CV?

Then, about five minutes later three more came by, followed by another three. Well, by this stage I was standing on the dashboard waving like crazy and jumping up and down in excitement. Steve very kindly agreed to turn around and follow them. We followed them for miles, back up the way we'd come.

Eventually they turned off at Carteret and drove to the beach.  We got out and introduced ourselves, explaining that in England Steve & Helly have two 2CVs. I was a little upset that they didn't explain that Monsiour Alfonse is my 'home', or that Pierre Bear also lives in our green and white 2CV called Molly. I'm not sure why they didn't!

Anyway, I was just too excited to be upset for long. After about half an hour about TWENTY FIVE 2CVs had turned up from all over France. They were on the tenth tour of Cotentin - the north part of Manche.

Even more exciting was that Steve & helly recognised some of the cars from other 2CV events they'd been to AND most of the people there will be at the French national next year at Dunkerque. I'm going to be there too to complete one of my missions.

Some of the cars had cows painted on them. I looked for an elephant but couldn't see one. I did see that one of the vans had 'I love my 2Cv' painted on it. I asked Steve if he could paint that on Monsieur Alfonse's bonnet when we got back. He said he'd think about it . . . that usually means 'no'!

Steve & Helly are going to write up about today in more detail for their local 2CV magazine next month, which you can read on the Swindon Association of Snails website. They took lots and lots of photos for me, so I can look at them this coming week if I'm feeling homesick.

I was so sad when it was time to go as the group was driving to Cherbourg to go camping for the night before going to Barfleur the following day. I hope that if they do the tour next year I can join in too!

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